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Charles garris




Charles A. Garris, Jr.


Professor (Professional Engineer and Registered Patent Agent)

Department: Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Phone: (202) 994-3646
Email: [email protected]
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Research Interest: Professor Charles Garris is currently interested in sustainable energy technologies utilizing advanced pressure-exchange phenomena. These technologies include carbon sequestration, air conditioning and refrigeration, fuel cells, turbocharging, and water desalinization. Research is focused on fundamental behavior of pressure-exchange, which generally involves non-steady compressible fluid mechanics including the effects of energy dissipation in mixing layers, turbulence, and shock-wave structure. The research involves both computational and experimental investigations.

saniya leblanc




Saniya LeBlanc


Associate Professor

Department: Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Phone: (202) 994-8436
Email: [email protected]
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Research Interest: Saniya LeBlanc’s research lies at the intersection of materials science, energy conversion, and thermal transport. Her group enables nanomaterials integration by bridging the divide between rapid, inexpensive manufacturing of nanostructures and device integration of nanoengineered components. Her experimental research includes development of scalable nanomanufacturing processes such as spray coating and printing of functional nanomaterials. Projects involve energy harvesting devices that utilize the unique combination of properties offered by nanostructured materials; recent examples include thermoelectric power generators for waste-heat recovery. Combining energy system, cost, and policy analyses, she creates feasibility assessments for the scaling of nanotechnologies for energy applications.

yongsheng leng




Yongsheng Leng



Department: Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Phone: (202) 994-5964
Email: [email protected]
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Research Interest: Professor Yongsheng Leng's research group is currently focusing on several fundamental problems in computational materials science at nanometer scales, in particular, the area of surface and interface science. Research projects include structure and dynamics of liquids under nanometers confinement, nanotribology – the science of adhesion, friction and lubrication at nanometer scales, clay swelling, molecular modeling of self-assembly at organo-metallic interfaces, mechanical property of single molecular junctions in molecular electronics device, membrane fouling mechanisms in water purification, and metal-semiconductor contacts in energy harvesting systems.

yin-lin shen




Yin-Lin Shen



Department: Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Phone: (202) 994-5995
Email: [email protected]
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Research Interest: Professor Yin-Lin Shen conducts research on nanoscale measurement instrumentation and techniques, the development of nano-probes for ultraprecision dimensional metrology, and high resolution graphic simulation of numerically controlled milling processes.