Doctor of Philosophy Program

Doctoral Degree

The Department offers a Doctor of Philosophy degree in mechanical and aerospace engineering. Within this degree program, students can choose among various areas of focus.

Program Overview

The Department's doctoral program is a research-focused degree program with the objective of preparing students for a life of scholarship in their field of interest. Central to the program is original thesis research, which substantially advances the state-of-the-art in the field. Coursework to strengthen the command of the chosen discipline and enhance mathematical skills is also required. Thesis research is directed by the thesis advisor, with input from a small committee of faculty, which is selected for their expertise in the chosen field of study. Students will have the opportunity to work on cutting-edge research and contribute to our effort to advance basic and applied sciences. We welcome students with outstanding records who will also have the motivation and drive to become leaders in their chosen field of study.

Doctoral Degree Program Requirements

There are three distinct phases in the program of doctoral study in MAE. These are: 1) the period of preparation for the qualifying examination; 2) the qualifying examination; and 3) the period after admission to candidacy for the Ph.D. degree during which the student performs research leading to the doctoral dissertation. Overall, direct-to-Ph.D. students should complete a minimum of 36 credit hours of coursework and 18 credit hours of research. Students who enter the program with an M.S. degree should complete a minimum of 12 credit hours of coursework and 18 credit hours of research. Details on the specific procedures can be found in the Academic Procedures for Doctoral Students.

Program Entry: The department offers a Fall, Spring, or Summer semester program entry for its PhD program. To apply for Summer semester entry for the PhD program, the deadline is March 1. (By faculty advisor invitation only)
Areas of Focus

Aerospace Engineering
Core courses: MAE6221, MAE6229
Electives: MAE6223*, MAE6224, MAE6225*, MAE6226, MAE6227, MAE6228, MAE6230*, MAE6247*, MAE6249*, MAE6253, MAE6255, MAE6274, MAE6275, MAE6276, MAE6277, MAE6280, MAE6292, MAE8352

Design & Manufacturing of Mechanical and Aerospace Systesms
Core courses: MAE6243, MAE6287
Electives: MAE6251, MAE6210
Fluid Mechanics, Thermal Sciences, and Energy
Core courses: MAE6221, MAE6280
Electives: MAE6226, MAE6282, MAE6225, MAE6286, MAE6228, MAE6263, MAE6284

Solid Mechanics, Materials Science, and Tissue Engineering
Core courses: MAE6210, MAE6238, MAE6239
Electives: MAE6204, MAE6207, MAE6232, MAE6255, MAE6260, MAE6286, MAE6287, MAE6288

Robotics, Mechatronics & Controls
Core courses: MAE6245, MAE6246, MAE6194 
Electives: MAE6240, MAE6242, MAE6244, MAE6254, MAE6257, MAE6248, MAE6277

*These courses will be offered based on student demand.

Prior to the Doctoral Qualifying Exam (DQE) all students should take a minimum of two core courses + one elective + one math course (APSC 6212, APSC 6213, or equivalent). In certain areas, one of the electives can replace the math course requirement (e.g. MAE6254). The minimum number of credits to be eligible for the DQE exam is 12.