ISRO launches rocket carrying thrusters developed by Dr. Keidar’s research team

January 22, 2018

On January 11, the Indian Space Research Organization launched a PSLV-C40 rocket with a set of micro cathode arc thrusters onboard as part of its CANYVAL-X mission.  The thrusters were developed by Dr. Michael Keidar and his research team.  CANYVAL-X is a collaborative project among NASA, Yonsei University (China), and GW.  The purpose of CANYVAL-X is to perform engineering experiments of precision formation flying techniques onboard CubeSats.  NASA provided a fine sun sensor, systems engineering consultation, and GNC algorithms for precision formation flying experiments.  GW provided the set of micro cathode arc thrusters, and Yonsei University built the spacecraft bus and performed I&T with the software.  More information about the mission is available on this LinkedIn post and this NASA factsheet.