Our Students’ Stories

At the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (MAE) we have a philosophy for preparing our students for college and their careers: the sky is the limit. We provide opportunities, and our students take advantage of them. Read their stories—and imagine your own.



arianna haven and 3 other students in front of plane



Arianna Haven

An internship at NASA/Langley and a study abroad semester in Australia are among the highlights of Arianna’s college experiences.  Read Ariana’s story.


Conor Gillespie and Andrew Edzenga



Conor Gillespie & Andrew Edzenga

During their time at SEAS, Conor and Andrew both parlayed their interest in cars into internships with Tesla Corporation and leading the school’s Baja Team. Read their story.


Allegra Farrar



Allegra Farrar

Allegra’s discovery of the MAE department opened up a new world to her. She is now pursuing her PhD in aerospace engineering at MIT. Read Allegra’s story.   



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