Sarkar Showcases Diverse Research at Virginia Tech

April 6, 2023

Kausik Sarkar

Dr. Kausik Sarkar, Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, recently gave an invited talk at Virginia Tech’s Chemical Engineering Department. His talk was again titled, “A Tale of two topics: Bubbles for imaging, therapeutics and tissue engineering and A pair of drops in viscoelastic medium,” as it addressed his two main research interests.

“It was a great opportunity to showcase the diverse array of research being performed at my lab by the students. I spoke of course about bubbles that are seminal to my research, and how fascinating and at the same time useful they are in many clinical applications. I also spoke about the computation of particulate and their fundamental physics,” Sarkar stated.

The research focus of Sarkar’s lab, BioMedical Acoustics and Complex fluids, is on flows and acoustics of particulate multiphase flows in regard to both their fundamental and biomedical applications. Sarkar and his team of graduate students perform in vitro experiments, develop mathematical models and perform multi-scale simulations. Largely, the current research can be divided into two areas:

  • Use of microbubbles, nanoparticles liposomes, and polymersomes for ultrasound imaging, targeted and controlled drug delivery, and accelerated tissue engineering.
  • Large-scale computation and modeling of suspension and emulsions of particles, drops, capsules, and blood cells.