SEAS Student Peer Advisory Network (SEASSPAN)

The School of Engineering and Applied Science Student Peer Advisory Network (SEASSPAN) is a student leadership organization comprised of approximately 30 carefully selected mentors who help incoming first year students transition to SEAS. The mentors come from various backgrounds and have unique interests that help to complement the diversity of the freshman class. They act as liaisons to the SEAS administration, are part of the SEAS Summer Orientation program, help to coordinate the New Student Getaway, and support the integration of new students into the SEAS community. Additionally, the mentors assist new students moving into their residence halls, help answer questions about SEAS, plan engaging programs throughout the year, and introduce new students to the GW campus.

SEASSPAN Executive Board

The SEASSPAN executive board for the 2020-2021 academic year is:

President: Caroline
Vice President: Rishi
Secretary: Karen
Events Coordinator: Zach


Photo of Caroline


SEASSPAN President
Systems Engineering - Senior

I’m from the home of the best sports teams, aggressive drivers, and cars in Harvard Yard… I'm also your SEASSPAN President! You can most likely find me in SEH pretending to do work but really watching the newest true crime series on Netflix. I love to be outside and take every opportunity to walk around on a nice DC day. I studied abroad in Dublin and would love to talk your ear off about how amazing traveling is, but I’m also here to answer any random questions you may have. I’m so excited to meet you all and welcome you to GW and SEAS!

Photo of Rishi


SEASSPAN Vice-President
Civil Engineering - Senior

I am a from the burbs of New Jersey - and I am your SEASSPAN Vice President! You would often find me in SEH doing work, research, or just catching up with friends in the lobby. Little known hobbies of mine include scenic photography, playing the drums, obsessing over Baby Yoda, and making puzzles. As a cupcake enthusiast, and quite frankly desserts in general, I can take you on a Georgetown Cupcake tour. If you see an embarrassingly loud guy joking around with his friends in public, that is most likely me.

Photo of Zach


SEASSPAN Events Coordinator
Civil Engineering - Senior

I am from Atlantic City, NJ. I watch an impressive number of movies and television series, and my sleep suffers because of it. I also enjoy running, which is a great hobby to have in DC! If you want an earful on what to watch or your study abroad options, just let me know. I look forward to getting to meet you all soon!

Photo of Karen


SEASSPAN Secretary
Computer Science - Senior

I'm from Staten Island, NY and I love exploring DC, watching cheesy movies with friends (I'm stuck trying to get through Grey's right now and refuse to start another show until I finish), checking out all the fun eats throughout the city (or master-chefing it up and having cook nights), and having a blast with my friends. The other mentors and I are so excited to get to know the Class of 2024 and we all love to talk and are always down for an adventure so feel free to reach out :)

Photo of Alex


Mechanical Engineering - Junior

I'm Alex from Bethesda, MD. My interests include photography, motorsport, and competitive rock climbing! If you need to find me, stop by the SEH Highbay or machine shop; I'll be there all day. Can't wait to meet you guys!

Photo of Alexa


Systems Engineering - Junior

I am from Arizona, the land of Cacti, (yes, it SNOWS in Arizona!) I just returned from a semester abroad in Dublin, Ireland and would love to talk to you about going abroad! I enjoy spending my time outdoors and taking in the beauty of DC. You can probably find me in Georgetown looking for a good dessert, gossiping about the latest episode of the Bachelor, stopping to pet every dog I pass, or quoting the movie Elf. I am looking for new places and things to see, so feel free to tell me about your favorite places to explore!

Photo of Alexis


Mechanical Engineering - Junior

I was born and raised in Fairfax, VA which is 20-30 minutes away from GW. I am a huuge sports fan so if ya want to talk about sports, I’m your guy! Welcome to SEAS and I can’t wait to meet you all!

Photo of Alyssa


Computer Science - Junior

I come from a small town in Indiana but I absolutely LOVE being in Washington DC! I spend most of my time at Starbucks, the basement of SEH drawing on the whiteboards, and the movies (being the huge movie buff that I am)! I am so excited to meet all of you and make your first year at GW amazing!

Photo of Aman


Biomedical Engineering - Sophomore

I’m from a small town right outside Philadelphia. If I’m not cramming for an exam I’m probably at improv rehearsal, taking some pictures, or at another theater-related event. I love baking so if I’m feeling generous there might be some cupcakes or muffins coming your way :) Welcome to SEAS!

Photo of Arielle


Biomedical Engineering - Sophomore

I’m from Westchester, NY (and no that’s not upstate lol) and I’m a member of the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE), SEASSPAN, and the Clark program. I LOVE exploring and trying new things, foods, activities, and places (so if you have any suggestions HMU). In my free time I love to eat, sleep, hang out with friends, shop online, bake, paint (but trust me I’m no artist lol), intensely watch Tik Toks (may have an addiction), and play with makeup. Besides all that, I can’t wait to meet you guys!!

Photo of Ban


Biomedical Engineering - Junior

My name is Ban pronounced just like the word, but I’m actually named after a flower! I’ve moved around quite a lot: I was born in New York and after 3 years I moved to Rhode Island for 11 years, then moved to Maine for 5 years, and my senior year of high school I moved to New Hampshire! I love to write, sing and play the piano, and hang out with my friends any time that I can. When I’m not studying in SEH, you can find me either at Peet’s getting an iced vanilla latte or at the monuments most likely watching a sunset! I’m so excited to join SEASPAN and I can’t wait to meet all of you!

Photo of Bryson


Civil Engineering - Junior

I’m from Orange County, CA and I love to go hiking, biking, and rock climbing on the weekends and playing Fifa with friends on most weeknights. Ask me any questions about life on and off campus, good food joints to hit up in DC, and tips on how to succeed in classes!

Photo of Cade


Biomedical Engineering - Junior

I look forward to being your mentor or someone that you can talk to. My passions include working out, and I will always be up for a recreational game of basketball or volleyball. Although I always keep myself busy, I enjoy playing video games in my downtime and am a pretty chill person once you get to know me.

Photo of Cale


Mechanical Engineering - Junior

I’m from Madison, CT. If I’m not busy studying for classes, then I’m probably running by the National Mall, binge watching The Walking Dead, or playing Forza Horizon with my friends. I’m also a big Formula 1 Racing fan so if you are too, let me know. I can talk about the sport and history for hours!

Photo of Danny


Mechanical Engineering - Junior

I was born in Brooklyn and raised in Northern Jersey. Love to play some low stakes poker games, talk politics or history, or go rock climbing whenever I can. I’m looking forward to meeting you all this fall!

Photo of Elena


Mechanical Engineering - Junior

I am from Westchester, NY and before you ask, no that is not upstate. I absolutely love my dog, but he doesn't like me (and that’s okay). I enjoy playing tennis when the weather is warm and taking long walks around DC. You will most likely find me eating on campus somewhere or hanging out in Kogan with friends. I’m always down for a good adventure so don't hesitate to reach out!

Photo of Eliese


Systems Engineering - Sophomore

I’m from a small town called Hopewell which is in central NJ (yes, we exist). I love to bake, run around the tidal basin, and explore new places around the city. You’ll also often find me in the shop in SEH, studying somewhere in the sun, or on the hunt for nature in DC.

Photo of Evalyn


Civil Engineering - Sophomore

I’m from Hunterdon County, NJ, which is basically surrounded by farms and in the middle of nowhere but is awesome for apple and pumpkin picking in the fall. I love being in DC (best city ever IMO) and you can probably find me walking around the National Mall, almost falling asleep in SEH, or sitting down for coffee at Starbucks. Some things I like to do on the rare occasion when I have time include listening to some grunge and classic rock, writing, and getting sushi. Looking forward to meeting you all (and annoying you with my dad jokes). So excited to be part of your first year at GW!

Photo of Francisco


Civil Engineering - Junior

I was born in Venezuela and lived in Spain until the 8th grade. I’m a pretty average guy that loves sushi, cooking, and Netflix. Fun fact: I did one year of Dive in high school and got to the state competition, I still can’t figure out how I made it so far when I was actually atrocious. Anyways, can’t wait to meet all of you!

Photo of Gareth


Systems Engineering - Senior

I'm from the confusingly named suburb of Wyoming, OH. You can usually find me hiding away in the basement of Phillips, practicing break dancing moves instead of doing homework. My other passions include exploring the city, brightly colored pants, and talking about studying abroad until you feel annoyed. I am very involved with student theatre and a cappella on campus, so if either of those are activities that you’re interested in, come find me!

Photo of George


Mechanical Engineering - Senior

I am from Portland, OR and absolutely love the Pacific Northwest. I love to ski and hike when I’m back home. At GW, I essentially live in SEH and in my free time, you can catch me wandering around Georgetown looking for good places to eat. If you have any questions regarding GW, engineering, or life in general, feel free to hit me up! Can’t wait to meet you all!

Photo of Katie


Biomedical Engineering - Senior

I’m a gal from a very Long Island. My hobbies include being that crazy person in Zumba, traveling to wherever cheap bus rides can get me, looking for adequate Wonder Woman halloween costumes, talking to my many quadruplet siblings, baking goodies, and going for runs all over DC. I hope to attend medical school unless my Hogwarts Letter finally arrives. SEASSPAN has been one of the most important things to me in my undergraduate career and I am sad that it is my third and final year as a SEASSPAN mentor. Please reach out if you need anything!

Photo of Kendall


Biomedical Engineering - Senior

I’m from Texas! *insert cowboy emoji* Since I’m so far from home, you can often find me getting the closest thing to southern sweet tea from Chick-fil-a while wearing layers of winter clothing because I am STILL not used to the cold! When I’m not in class or studying in SEH I like to hang out at the monuments, workout at Corepower, or daydream about how much I love Australia (#studyabroadchangedme)! I am also really into dance and love finding new music to listen to. I can’t wait for all of the exciting things this year!

Photo of Lily


Computer Science - Senior

I’m from the other Washington! I love going on late-night monument walks, eating mozzarella sticks after midnight, and petting dogs. Catch me procrastinating in SEH, drinking way too much coffee, attempting to heely down the national mall, and expressing strong opinions on bubble tea.

Photo of Linnea


Computer Science - Junior

I’m from outside Chicago, IL. You will see me in SEH almost constantly,  distracting people but sometimes coding. I spend my minimal free time eating brunch with friends, getting overpriced cupcakes in Georgetown, and reminding other SEAS students to sleep. I love DC but am always missing Chicago. For the few of you from the Midwest, please reach out if you’re homesick or tired of all the pretentious east-coasters! In all seriousness, I can’t wait to meet all of you!

Photo of Marcus


Civil Engineering - Junior

I’m from Queens.  When I am not studying, I am usually out on a monument walk, watching Netflix, or hitting the gym.  Some of my favorite study spots include SEH and the Marvin Center.  If you ever want to talk about Star Wars or Marvel movies, I’m your man.  I can’t wait to meet all of you guys!

Photo of Matteo


Biomedical Engineering - Sophomore

Salutations. I’m from Boston, MA. I enjoy meeting new people and going on adventures to discover new places around DC. Please feel free to reach out if you ever have any questions or need some advice. Welcome to GW, and may the odds be ever in your favor.

Photo of Meilian


Biomedical Engineering - Sophomore

I'm from Cincinnati, OH. You can probably find me in SEH every night trying to get work done, but the second I’m done with my work, you can bet I’ll be watching YouTube videos. My YouTube history consists of The Masked Singer, The Voice,  Jubilee, and BA Test Kitchen videos. I definitely get sucked into the YouTube black hole often. If you ever have a question about engineering or where to satisfy your sweet tooth, I’m always down to take a quick trip to Baked and Wired or the Whole Foods dessert section!

Photo of Michael


Biomedical Engineering - Sophomore

I’m from Rhode Island. When I’m not studying in SEH (which, let’s be real, isn’t that often), you can catch me swimming, going on runs to the monuments, and eating way too much &pizza. Being from the smallest state, I do have some unusual things that are unique to my home, so feel free to chat with me to learn what an Awful-Awful is and why coffee milk is the best drink. I’m looking forward to being a mentor and welcoming you guys to GW!

Photo of Nathan


Electrical Engineering - Junior

I’m from Longmeadow, MA which some call the middle of nowhere but I call home (I mean we’ve got the basketball hall of fame about 10 minutes away. C’mon). I have always had a love for cars and skiing and now that I’m in DC with neither of those, I like to take runs around the monuments. I guess you can say I have a need for speed. When I’m not hanging out in my dorm or with my friends you can probably catch me in Gelman online shopping, watching Cody Ko, and eating Whole Foods while pretending to study until 11pm when reality finally kicks in.

Photo of Nicole


Computer Science - Junior

I'm originally from Venezuela but I've been in DC for a couple of years now and I love it here. I enjoy spending time with my friends playing Guitar Hero or getting food, but when needed I'll move into the SEH for hours to get work done. I refuse to get caffeine addicted but you can catch me every other day with a Dunkin latte (not sponsored, shamefully). If you see me around definitely come say hi!

Photo of Noah


Mechanical Engineering - Junior

The first thing you will notice about me is my height, but don't let my lanky 6'7" frame scare you away!! I'm a gentle giant (and no, I do not play basketball here at GW). I am from Lancaster County PA, famously known for its large Amish population. I love exploring the great city we live in and listen to music, usually at the same time, so if you want to explore let me know! I also love film photography and take pics of things around DC and my friends. If you ever need to chat, rant, or even just someone to listen I'm here so don't be afraid to reach out! I'm PUMPED to meet you guys soon!!

Photo of Sarah


Systems Engineer - Senior

I’m from Cherry Hill, NJ. I love scuba diving, traveling, and cooking. You will typically find me running around DC or exploring new restaurants. I’m always down for an adventure so if you like to explore don’t hesitate to reach out! Can’t wait to meet you all!

Photo of Victoria


Computer Science - Sophomore

I’m from Coventry, RI. If I am not listening to music or playing guitar, you can find me reading, drawing, doing something outdoors like skiing or hiking, or watching Netflix reality TV shows like Love is Blind. My favorite things to do around DC include finding cute places to eat around campus or Georgetown, monumenting with friends, or scootering! I am also crazy obsessed with dogs and discovering new things to put on my bucket list. If you find anything I should try, let me know!

Photo of William


Systems Engineering - Junior

I'm from a small town in New Jersey and I spend my free time taking walks along the National Mall and exploring DC to find new places to eat. You can most likely find me sitting with a coffee in SEH. I am most passionate about playing the saxophone in band, spending time with friends, and my involvement in SEAS, so if any of those interest you, then I'm your person!

Photo of Yasser


Mechanical Engineer - Sophomore

I come to GW all the way from Saudi Arabia. My biggest hobby is to learn and try new things, always. I also enjoy other smaller hobbies like gaming, playing soccer, CADing, watching anime, TV shows, and sports (sports as in all of them) board games, humor and jokes, and the list never ends. :) If you ever have a question about anything, I never care about how, when, or what are you asking me, just ask. I’ll always be happy to talk with a new friend. You might find me anywhere so never hesitate to say hi. I’m excited to see you all soon!

Each year SEASSPAN recruits, selects, and trains new peer mentors for the upcoming year. The recruitment process begins late in the fall semester and includes an application and an interview.

Please view the eligibility requirements for SEASSPAN (see attached PDF for eligibility requirements) to apply to be a SEASSPAN mentor and click here to begin the application.

Note: once you begin the application, you will not be able to save your progress so we suggest you answer the following questions in a separate document prior to starting your application so you do not lose your progress.

Returning Applicants| In 250 words, please describe what you previously brought to your respective program and how you plan to continue to grow and improve in this leadership role if selected to participate again.

New Applicants| In 250 words, please describe why you are interested in applying to be SEASSPAN mentor, SEAS Ambassador, or both and what you think you will bring to the program.

If you have any questions about SEASSPAN, please email [email protected].