Seven MAE students win awards at GW Research Days

April 23, 2018

MAE congratulates our student winners in this year’s GW Research Days.  The GW Research Days showcase is an annual event dedicated to highlighting the breadth of research and discovery on issues of major disciplinary, cross-disciplinary and global significance being done at GW through poster sessions, presentations and guest speakers.

Our student winners include:

Undergraduate Presenters

1 st Place:
Samantha Racan and Isaac Finberg for “Investigation of Polymeric Scaffold Degradation for Bone Regeneration Applications
Research Mentor: Dr. Michael Plesniak

2nd Place (Tie with Department of Computer Science student):
Philip Paulson for “Mucosal Waves in Self-Oscillating Synthetic Vocal Fold Models
Research Mentor: Dr. Michael Plesniak


Graduate Presenters
Biomedical Engineering:
1 st Place:
Nima Mobadersany for “Perforation of Cell Membranes Using Encapsulated Microbubbles in the Presence of Ultrasound
Research Mentor: Dr. Kausik Sarkar

Jenna Osborn for “Ultrasound and Lipid-coated Microbubbles for Bone Tissue Engineering on 3D Printed Scaffolds
Research Mentor: Dr. Kausik Sarkar

Special Prize Categories
GWNIC Award for Nanofabrication Techniques
2 nd Place:
Rachel Gray for “Energy Materials Analysis for Additive Manufacturing by Selective Laser Melting
Research Mentor: Dr. Saniya LeBlanc

AccelerateGW I-Corps Site Grants
Se-Jun Lee for “Multiwalled Carbon Nanotube Conductive 3D Scaffolds for Differentiation of Mesenchymal Stem Cells into Schwann Cell-like Phenotypes
Research Mentor: Dr. Lijie “Grace” Zhang