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Photo of open faculty position

Faculty Opening:

The Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering invites applications for a tenure-track position as an associate or assistant professor.

Sea lions may inspire 'strokes' of genius

Strokes of genius

This National Science Foundation video captures the research that Dr. Megan Leftwich and her lab are doing with sea lions at the Smithsonian National Zoo, studying the flow of water around their flippers in order to improve propulsion for ships, underwater drones, and other submerged objects.

Rocket Team in the desert with their rocket

GW Rocket Team excels at Spaceport America Cup

The GW Rocket Team took three awards in the competition, including the First Place prize in the Student Research and Development Solid Booster Competition.

Baja Team

SEAS Baja Team excels at SAE Baja Competition

The SEAS Baja Team recently excelled in the Society of Automotive Engineers intercollegiate Baja competition, held April 10-13 in Cookeville, TN.